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A full service agency, we present a smorgasbord of services. These are some of them -- advertising, p.r., marcom, internet, sales support and trade shows. We always try to deliver your message with clarity, consistency and economy.


As an advertising agency, we produce print and internet ads, websites and all kinds of print collateral, from brochures and direct mail to business cards and letterheads.
More than most agencies, we negotiate with publications for better rates, invariably saving our client more than the publication pays us in commissions. And we try to use the work we have done for one project on other projects, like using the brochure photo in the ad and using the ad’s theme for the tradeshow booth poster.
Are we any good? Our clients think so. See Ad Gallery


As a public relations firm, we generate a lot of publicity.
We write feature stories and work with editors. We arrange editorial tours of plants and offices. We get photos printed on the covers of important trade magazines.
We do all the p.r. basics — writing news releases and personnel announcements, compiling publication dissemination lists, and calling up editors to make sure that stories run as they should.
We also do crisis management, which requires a lot more skill than a news release. Sorry, we can’t talk much about it. See PR Gallery


As a marketing firm, we create strategies for penetrating known markets and we find niche markets. We are not a pure research firm; we just do a lot of police work.


We design websites, go the extra mile to position them well, maintain them, and promote them, both online and in other media.
See internet gallery


We can find sales reps and develop sales incentives. See Sales Support Gallery


As tradeshow booth distributors, we supply pop-up and modular booths, both standard and custom, at reduced prices. As graphic designers, we create the signage and the posters that go with the booths. As "ad specialty counselors," we come up with premiums for memorable giveaways. See Trade Show Gallery


We are nearby, yet we have international marcom experience. We also know some agencies overseas. We can be useful.
Working with clients from other countries, we can help establish a market "presence" in North America. We can set up sales offices, find sales representatives and translate ads and literature into "American" English.