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Advertising, Public Relations, Marketing and Graphic Design Staff

Paul Streicker, our president, has experience as a newspaper reporter, trade paper editor and ad copywriter. He was also a direct mail writer (Time-Life Books), press secretary to two U.S. Senate candidates, and Director of Communications for the General Services Administration. He was a guest lecturer at Williams College, his alma mater, and authored two books. Then he started Streicker & Company.
Chris Roe, our art director, has 30 years experience as a graphic designer. He is fluent in all the major computer disciplines. Hobbies include antiques and the fine arts. He is a painter and internationally published cartoonist, having been published in Forbes, Fortune, The Kiplinger Newsletter, Writer's Digest, Penthouse and Gallery. He has written a play, a novel, short stories, poems and songs. He claims to play golf, but we've seen similar trophies on e-bay.
Web designer John Egan has over 15 years experience in internet programming. With a unique combination of design skills and electronic media experience, John's talents include search engine positioning, website design and interactive management. Unfortunately, these talents need constant honing, so John doesn't get out much (note the pasty complexion).
Always on the go, Al says of himself, “I’m just a bundle of energy, but does that matter?” We’ve spotted him from time to time with a far-off look in his eye, so we’ve put him in charge of hi tech accounts. “Physics, shmizicks, it all computes.” What a crazy mind!
Practical and attentive, Madonna — a really material girl — keeps a close watch on the books. “I just love dollar signs and decibel points,” she says. Outside of work she belongs to a little singing group and dabbles in fashion.
Andy is the mailman — when he is not out sick. Never late for work, exactly. He tells us he has the toughest route in Rhode Island, with heavy letters and things people have to sign, believe it or not. And it is not his fault that the truck broke down. “Hi, Paul,” he laughs. “More bills!”
The only thing between us and bacterial override, George stops in at coffee break, then fumigates. He mops, scrubs and helps with investments. “Buy low, sell high, but that doesn’t mean high on drugs,” he says, chuckling. “Hold them drugs. Don’t be a miser. Buy Pfizer!” Be nice to George if you want toilet paper.
Busy with a dozen things, Fiona doesn’t give us all the time we would like. A talented artist, she is adding sculpture, jewelry and Botticelli forgeries to her portfolio, which causes Al to complain. “I know Fiona equals something,” he sighs, “but she won’t tell me what.”
“Maddy” is our senior copywriter. She always keeps her eye on the ball and is known for her one-liner, “Burgrrrrr,” which became the motto of the American Steak Foundation and won two Hatch awards.